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Learn to sight read music with the iPhone app Pitch.

Pitch teaches you how to read musical intervals as they appear on a music score. 

Pitch listens to the notes you make and help you become more accurate.




Everyone knows that practice makes perfect - and music is no exception.

But this is true only when we understand what perfect is - repetition of the same mistakes never leads to improvement.

That’s why we need a teacher - to help us understand what ‘better’ sounds like and guide us to improve.

Technology is no substitute for a teacher, but for certain tasks it can help.

One such task is sight-reading music.

There's a lot going on when we sight-read music. We need to understand the tempo, rhythm and pitch of the notes.

What makes things harder is that you really only get one chance to sight-read a new piece of music. After that first go - while you may still read the notes - you're also starting to rely on your memory of the music. 

As a result learning to sight-read can take a long time.

The next challenge is recognising your mistakes. Some mistakes are not obvious. Practicing them means unlearning them later on - which can be harder than the task of learning in the first place.

Finally, many people are simply not even confident enough to try. The best opportunities to learn how to read music often occur in music groups or with a teacher - and many are embarrassed at the prospect of making mistakes.

This task of learning to read music is therefore not easy. 

Pitch has been written to redefine this task - focusing solely on the goal of recognising the next note you need to perform.

The student does not have to think about rhythm and can move at their own pace. What’s more, when you do make a mistake you can see instantly the note you chose and how far away you were from the right note. As such, with practice the learner becomes more accurate and confident in their ability - an ability they can learn by themselves before they have to perform with a group or teacher.